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HNG Consulting Login Page by Team Konoha

_"Picking the team..."_ ...the first stage of the process was already hurdled with task of selecting a Team of 10 persons consisting of UI/UX Designers, Front-end Developers and Back-end Developers willing to work together from a pool if aspiring interns. The team eventually got together, and work began. **THE UI/UX DESIGNERS** The UI/UX Designers immediately took lead, and came up with a unique design that suited the profession (a consulting group) using [Figma]( **THE FRONT-END TEAM** It was the up to the Front-end team to replicate that design, which they did using HTML and Mobile first responsive CSS designs. The case was styled externally and linked in the HTML file. The landing page had the login form, with links to other pages like the "signup" and "forgot password pages". It was then up to the Back-end Team to get working. **THE BACK-END TEAM** The Back-end Team began by creating routing between the various pages based on the users click using JAVASCRIPT, a client side scripting languag . They then went ahead and connected the pages designed by the front-end team to an Apache server using PHP, a server side programming language. Part of the PHP codes involved writing functions to validate (sanitize inputs, make sure they are of required format) user form inputs and insert into a JSON file stored in the server (for registration). Writing function to loop through registered users and grant accesss to only those registered(for login). Other validations include: Checking for password mismatch during registration. Check that an email address cannot be registered more than once. The site was then finally hosted on Heroku, a free cloud hosting platform.