Css, The Beauty Of The Web

Published on Aug 28th, 2019 03:55 PM

CSS (cascading style sheet ) is like the beauty makeup of our websites, yes you heard it right , our females understand what a makeup is and believe men also understands it, without the CSS , I don't think anyone with want to spend more time on sites because it will be very scary and boring to see most sites or pages . Ok let's take my CV page as an example .

The first image is the my CV page without it's makeup(CSS) while the second is with CSS. We can now see the difference btw the two of them, CSS is very important in website especially if we want to attach customers to our sites, most people wants to come to our sites because of its beauty, and when they come , they spend more time, because of the beauty of the site. So what makes CSS what it is? I know that's the question in your mind now.... Ya I know. CSS is the color, the spacing between the letters, the border, the shadow, the text, etc I can go all day to explain what CSS is made up of because its a very big tool in designing a website. So how can we start will this CSS ? Ya, it's very easy , you can create a different file for it , this type is called the external , when you put it in the same file with your html, it is called internal , then we have inline, the inline is when you include it in the same lines of codes with your html codes. Now we understand how to we can arrange our CSS. CSS is made up of different parts namely : the selector , the property, the value. lets look at the syntax to understand it well: h1 {color : blue;} , base on the discribtion of the parts , we can now understand how the parts are arranged , h1 is your html element , it now serves as a selector in the syntax , the color is the property and the blue is the value. There are more to it but for now, this is the basic aspect.