Html Is The Bedrock Of Website

Published on Aug 28th, 2019 03:23 PM

Ya, as the topic indicates HTML have been to the bedrock of sites dating back to the origin of web. And today I did a work on it below is the picture of the project

I know it doesn't look much like a site but believe me when I tell you that this is how the old site looks like before the introduction of CSS , but that's a talk for another day. The above site is just the html elements at work. Ya , ya... I know what's on your mind , "what's elements" right? . Ya , elements are just like the building block of the html. Ya without the elements there will be nothing like the HTML , the elements are the html, example: html, head, title, body , these are the foundation blocks , they are the first elements you start with before any other elements , and before I forget, there also a close tag , ya "tag", elements are enjoying in tags, so don't get confuse. That means that each element has opening and closing tags like so: , that's the body element with it's opening and closing tag, so between the opening and closing tags is where you put your text or data as the case may be, like the example above everything in the above example is inside the opening and closing body tag. Also we have the HTML element that holds the whole element , it's the father of other element, then comes the head element and then title and the body . So I believe that now, you can now understand what a website is made up of.