Edward Ibekwe - Lucid
The Journey So Far

For the longest of times, it's been said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. While this saying still holds true, the technology of the day now affords us several other means to take that step, for me, my fingers literally ushered my into my journey towards becoming a Frontend Engineer...

My first html Page

In the last HTML class, I was introduced to the basics of the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). I was taught how to about tags, elements and attributes. For my first practice there after, I was tasked to recreate my CV document using just HTML...

The journey so far

Okay so i will be upfront and get this out right now. I came expecting an easy ride at HNG 6. I have been thus far very disappointed! I have learned that one has to work really hard to go through this Internship, I have learned that that burning the proverbial midnight candle shouldn't be so much of a proverb after all. Talent simply isn't enough! But beyond all this, I have learned that as important as hardwork is, it is even much more important to work smart! I painfully learned this. I started by picking and remaining in the wrong team, and went further to try carrying them all on my back. I failed woefully! This is my experience so far. The journey, though yet small, has been filled with very painful lessons! I hope I get that second chance to right my wrongs!

Lucid Test

Lucid is purple and me likely