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Changing the Face of Payments in Africa - The Flutterwave Intervention

Dennis ‘Dwise’ Etiwe “The complete payment solution to thrive in the global economy.” - The statement quoted above both welcomes and introduces you to the flutterwave website...

Dennis Etiwe
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HNG 6 Internship First Digital Marketing Task

My first task as a Digital Marketer interning in HNG 6 was to review for Key Word and SEO Optimization. We were required to review the current situation of the site and then submit words that would help improve the site's ranking on search engines, going forward. By doing searches on the site and combining the results with online ranking/search tools, I came up with a list of what exists on the site and my suggestions for making it better. Here I am, also documenting my journey and experience of working on this task on Lucid

Dennis Etiwe
My First Web Page is My Resume!

My personal bucket list is an intense collection of to-dos that I absolutely must achieve here on earth, God willing. One of such headings I need to tick off my list is to have an immersive experience in tech learning as a backend developer...

Dennis Etiwe
This Developer Journey

I have followed Mark Essien's tweets for a while so I see a lot of all he does in raising and empowering a new crop of enthusiasts and developers in various dimensions of tech. A daunting yet super commendable vision...

Dennis Etiwe

I consider myself to be a creative but my inner artist is very design shy. I appreciate visual art a great deal and can visualize concepts in my head yet it amazes me how my inner artist only ever seems to manifest in words...