Moments Building My Html Page(Without Css)

Published on Sep 10th, 2019 11:14 AM

Good day,

While working with html 5 and not being able to use CSS to style was actually an herculean task at first.

I actually learnt html using html 4.0 and using table was quite easy as it allowed me place my elements where i wanted.

I had issues applying attributes as html 5 doesn't make use of so much attributes anymore, and styles are used in their place.

I also had some issues giving some headers colors, i had to make them a link so i could get some color and beautify the page.

I was fun working with it while it lasted. I wish to learn more.

After i must have submitted this task, i think i would still write some pure html codes during my free time. Kindly find attached below a screenshot of my CV page.

Do have a great day. I had fun.