My First Lucid Post(Solely My Views)

Published on Sep 10th, 2019 11:14 AM

What i have learned so far: I have learnt a couple of things consciously and unconsciously. One being able to read and understand before taking action as this helps one not jumping the gun. I has also seen the power in collaboration, team work helps bring each other up and our weaknesses not obvious.

What i wish to still learn: Well for this, i won't be asking for much. I intend learning a lot from individuals already doing well for themselves in the field of endeavor am interested in. I would also love to learn how systems work in the programming world which is my primary aim here.

What i wish should be improved: Improvements are always needed from time to time as there is never a perfect system. I would keep observing and learning and hopefully in the nearest future i would be able to put together constructive criticisms as to what should be kept and those to be discarded.