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**HOW TEAM ULTRA CREATED A BASIC LOGIN PAGE WITH HTML/CSS.** **THE PROCESS:** As a team we delegated tasks to the appropriate tracks and choose structures and blueprints based on quick result, as we had limited time to deliver. Without further ado let's dive into our report proper. Introducing our design team Jeremiah Eze{Mojez}, Tochukwu Lemuel and Silverster Akwaowo{CodePickin}, these talents submitted three blueprints for signup and login page designed from FIGMA but one was chosen for its simplicity to arrive at a great UI and a seamless UX. The task was taken up by our awesome Front End devs; Godwin Ikott{Geedee}, Israel Efe{Jazzmane}, Okedu Samuel{KingsEze} and Nwafor Uchechukwu{Caspero}who created the source code for sign up and login pages with html and css, merged the frontend codes and pushed it to their respective branches on GitHub from master branch, ensuring that there are no conflicts between the branches. Ogunewu Ezekiel{@StarCodes} worked on the backend codes with Udele Odiri{@Ud\_Od} using his source code of the sign up page as blueprint to code the login page email and password authentication process, they used data.Json file to store the details the users use in signing up. The structure of this file was done by Udele Odiri {@Ud\_Od} our B-E talent. **THE LOGIN PAGE:** The login page extracts the content of the data.json file and convert it to an array using the Json\_decode() function and it uses a foreach loop to loop through the content of the array and check if the email and password sent by the login form match one of a registered user in the data.Json file.  For the signup, it is also similar to the login but a user will not be able to login with the same email twice, as every time a user tries to sign up the web site cross-checks all the registered user emails to the  email the new user inputs. Our backend dev Odele Odiri{@Ud\_Od} used a 'regular' for each loop and 'if conditions' to achieve this. **END**. **MEET OUR TEAM** **BACKEND** Odele Odiri {@Ud\_Od} Ogunewu Ezekiel {@StarCodes} **DESIGN** Tochukwu Lemuel {@Tochukwu Lemuel} Jeremiah Eze {@mojez} Silvester Akwaowo {CodePickin} **FRONTEND** Nwafor Uchechukwu {@caspero} Israel Efe {@Jazzmane} Godwin Ikott {@Geedee} Okedu Samuel {@kingsEze} Ps. In the course of creating the app some team members exited with excuses such as lack of laptops, internet and electricity and others having difficulty in juggling school work and HNGI. At the end of this stage we will lose some team members who've found love in other tracks of their interests. So we are currently recruiting new talents.

The Journey so far.

This is the proverbual journey of a thousand miles they've been talking about. Becoming a full stack dev starts with a line of code, line upon line, upon lines we are slowly getting there.

My two cents on start.ng

Start ng has redefined remote learning for beginners in Nigeria. Its methodology is seamless in a fast paced and entertaining way. My highlights would be hands on subject matter before the actual lessons...


No matter how small your circle of influence is, excellence is never forgotten and it cant remain hidden.

My 2nd Task but first HTML task on Start Ng.

Ive always been fascinated about tech from a very tender age. I can still remember vividly my first experience with a webpage and how engrossed I was with flash banners and all the interactivity packed on the webpage of RockStar; a video game design company...