stephen mahanan mangai - Lucid
So far so good

What I have learned so far... I have learned about slack and how to use the slack work space for taking notes and collaboration with others. I also just got introduced to great tools like pivotaltracker and cloudinary that will later help in my work...

Thinking out back-end development best approach.

I am here all by myself thinking out how best to become a proficient backend web developer and how to master the technology stack involved. Yea, something keeps telling me node.js ? || php? || django? || ruby?

My journey to becoming a software developer

I came across HNG Internship through a friend who is an aspiring web developer. After a long discussion about what the company is all about and reading more about the internship on the company website and twitter page, I know this will be a great place for me to learn great skill and even have the opportunity to get employed as a software developer with an existing company...