Taiwo Ibukunoluwa - Lucid

The first major challenge I faced in the StartNG pre-internship program was writing my cv in html. Just html, no styling whatsoever. Yes, prior to this, I had written a few lines of code back in school...

The journey so far

Okay so i will be upfront and get this out right now. I came expecting an easy ride at HNG 6. I have been thus far very disappointed! I have learned that one has to work really hard to go through this Internship, I have learned that that burning the proverbial midnight candle shouldn't be so much of a proverb after all. Talent simply isn't enough! But beyond all this, I have learned that as important as hardwork is, it is even much more important to work smart! I painfully learned this. I started by picking and remaining in the wrong team, and went further to try carrying them all on my back. I failed woefully! This is my experience so far. The journey, though yet small, has been filled with very painful lessons! I hope I get that second chance to right my wrongs!

The Quest

My StartNG journey so far has been quite fun. Coming in, I wasn't really expecting much from the internship given the sheer number of participating interns. However, I've been blown away by the co-ordination and devotion of the mentors...