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HNG Task 1 - Team Dauntness, Simple PHP Form

An interacting web user interface is dependent on one deciding factor, the user. while their impotance can not be overestimated, it however important to find a way to restrict unauthorized access to member-only area and tools on a site.  In this tutorial, we'll create a simple login with php. This tutorial comprises of two parts, in the first part, we will create the login form, and in the later part, we will deal with authentication. **Step1: Creating the Structure** First, Open up your favorite editor and create a login.php file. create the structure in your login.php file for example   ![](/storage/1043/images/img-5n9cp9kahv.png) **Step 2: Creating the Forms**  Since we are creating a user login, you might want to first give the people the option of registering or login with facebook, google or linkedin, you'll have to wrap it in a card though like the example below ![](/storage/1043/images/img-oyx6fp9tlw.png) The login form would then be created  ![](/storage/1043/images/img-nac9o8y0n4.png) **Step 3: Aunthenticating user login** For this tutorial, we will use two hand-coded username namely username1 with its password as password1 and username2 with password2. To check if user entered the right inputs, Firstly, we need to start a PHP section with inbuilt section, then check if the login form is submitted, afterwards, create an hard-coded username and password for example ![](/storage/1043/images/img-tfpbjw9kma.png) Therafter check if Check Username and Password existence in defined array, if it is true, Set session variables and redirect to Protected page and if not, it should display an error message ![](/storage/1043/images/img-18ug8z8dlj.png) There, we have created a login page. You can check the repo of example used in this tutorial [here](https://github.com/idmcalculus/hng-dauntless-task1).

So Far, So Good

When Socrates said _The only true wisdom is in knowing you_know nothing, He did not lie. I was mesmerized with what I saw on slack when we were being taught HTML, i taught I knew it but I was wrong...

StartNG So far

I was a bit skeptical when my Brother told me about the StartNg ab initio but all doubt pulverised when I signed in to the slack app. As an ex-nairalander, i found slack quite normal, it was just about sifting through the noise, my only challenge was when notes app was introduced which has cleared by the amazing tutorials on note...

Testing Microphone

Hello tutu, Just do it

CSS, The Best Thing Since Jollofrice

So far, i would like to liken HTML and CSS to building of a house. While HTML would include digging and laying of the foundation, setting of blocks, plastering and attaching windows, door etc, CSS is in-charge of how everything will look like which include color of the house and material, font, position, shine and pattern...