Olanrewaju Malumi - Lucid
Team Omnitrix: The process

As the user interface designer for team Omnitrix, my first task was to develop a playful and modern, yet, entertaining UI design for the login and sign up page. At the completion of the design, we ensured that the visual met all necessary requirements as per instructions given. The frontend team began development using HTML and CSS. Figma software was used i to design the user interface. Humaans(a figma plugin), a mix-&-match illustrations of people was deployed to further convey playfulness to the pages.  The fingerprint image on the login page was used because fingerprints are specific to individuals just like their login details. The Frontend and Backend tasks were evenly distributed among team members to aid collaborative development on the project. **How to create an account on Omnitrix** Step 1. Visit omnitrix-hng.herokuapp.com/signup.php Step 2. Enter required information on the **sign-up** page. Step 3. Click on the **sign-up** button. Ta-da! And you're in!  Thanks for reading.

Hello World – Writing my first web page

This week on the StartNG Pre-Internship, we were introduced to HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) which is used to structure webpages. HTML elements usually have an opening tag and a closing tag. HTML5 is the latest version comes with various semantics that is used to help making code more readable and cleaner...

StartNG Pre-Internship: The Beginning

The Opportunity I was very excited to have discovered the StartNG Internship on my twitter timeline. I quickly followed the link and applied for it and I had to inform some of my friends of this wonderful opportunity...

First Time on Lucid

Sunday August 18, 2019. Trying out lucid for the first time

HTML wasn't scary after all

It has both been challenging and interesting working with html. At first, I tried writing codes on Codepen (online IDE integration) that process codes automatically when you type them just to get the hang of it before using Vscode...