Getting Feedback From The Entire Company Using A Stress Report

Published on Feb 21st, 2020 02:55 PM

As your company scales, if you are a CEO, at some point you get quite disconnected from what is happening. Inside departments, between managers and people, a lot can be happening that you are not aware of. There can be a lot of complaints that you had no idea are happening.

A solution to that - introduce a stress report.

What's a stress report? It is a survey that you send to everyone in the company, which they can fill out (with name or anonymously), and which asks them what is currently stressing them.

Often, the things that are stressing them, are also things making them less productive - and that's not good for the company. In a single document, you get to read what is going on across a broad part of the companz in an unfiltered way. This allows you call the attention of managers to particular things that they may have been missing.