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Mark Essien-2019-09-02 06:36:24

A good car is a good car till the mechanics start working on it

Mark Essien-2019-09-01 09:16:16

Stop trying to impress other people online. They are not impressed. Instead, they start disliking you.

Mark Essien-2019-09-01 08:35:14

Even if you have no traces anywhere online, there is a you-shaped hole in the data. That hole looks and behaves exactly like you, and all the info is provided by your friends.

Mark Essien-2019-09-01 08:12:08

There is nothing more Nigerian than Bobrisky. Making it from nothing, annoying everyone. Too loud, too brash. Breaking the rules. If police comes, run. If they catch you, call Abuja

Mark Essien-2019-09-01 06:43:14

Speak openly about how negative things make you feel - often, the others do not realise. Once you do that, you can negotiate yourself a better life.

Mark Essien-2019-09-01 06:42:19

See things like a little child. Without judgement, without failure, just with interest.