Yusuf Adeyemo - Lucid
Peep the album title

Is this a coincidence or what? I guess I should look up the meaning of "Lucid"

Journey So Far

The learning on StartNg has been fun, brilliant tutors and lots of enthusiastic learners passionate about web development and other areas of software development. So far i have learnt what the web is all about, how HTML came to be and how the web is mostly HTML with the fusion of CSS and JavaScript...

My Developer Journey

I have basic knowledge in frontend web development but i want to switch either to backend development or Machine Learning. I want to learn and also apply what i will be learning.

Singapore Sights

Click here to learn more about vacationing in Singapore Singapore, an island city-state off southern Malaysia, is a global financial center with a tropical climate and multicultural population...


The introduction of CSS is definitely a blessing to Html. The beauty it gives to web pages is top notch. I am still very rusty of course but when you compare my ordinary html cv to my html+css cv, you'll definitely see a little improvement which is quite cool...