About Startdotng So Far

Published on Sep 1st, 2019 05:55 AM

Hey People,

So at Startdotng, I have learnt quite a bunch just at the inception of the programme. I have learnt about back links. With the project we were given on creating back links, I learnt by following steps, with guides posted by fellow pre-interns and and facilitators. I have also learnt HTML, from elements to tags to attributes up to the point of creating tables. I wish to learn and be an expert in Mobile development with JAVA and ANDROID in the nearest future which I believe I will with the HNG internship 6.0. Lucid is a great app and I particularly enjoy the easy navigation but there needs to be more work done on the UI. There should be like an activity feed on the homepage where i can view blogs of people i follow with just the title and like and excerpt. Based on its target audience, it needs to be more fun with a more interactive interface, micro interactions etc. in all, great concept.