Flutterwave Seo Analysis And Generation Process

Published on Sep 21st, 2019 03:54 PM

I visited the flutterwave website to know and understand what they do, I did a benchmark analysis on their competitors. I also visited websites of payment solutions companies such as stripe, paystack and payoneer.

I selected some keywords from the flutterwave website and checked how well they did on google then I generated keywords from their competitors.

I also read up about payment solutions and generated keywords from my readings and took out keywords on competitors websites that werent on flutterwave's website.

I tested all keywords that I generated with google search and the new ones didn’t bring up flutterwave at the top of search results. In some cases flutterwave was not mentioned . 

I also did a proper analysis and research on the website's SEO strength and what could help make the website rank higher.