Html Course So Far On Startdotng

Published on Aug 25th, 2019 09:39 PM

On I have learnt the HTML document structure. The structuring of a Html page consists of the following:

  • DIVs which are block-level elements (block-level elements begin on a new line, stacking on top of each other and take up any available width) while SPANs are inline-level elements (inline level elements follow the normal document flow and only take up the width of their content). 
  • The major sections of pages include the head, body(Artcile, Section and Aside) and the footer
  • IDs and Classes which are attributes used in identifying and grouping elements when styling 
  • Forms which are used to receive information of the website. It includes input fields with types depending on the type of data needed.
  • Tags are used to define specific elements e.g the body tags which defines the body of the html document etc
  • It is very IMPORTANT to close tags after opening them except incases of tags that dont need a close tag e.g the image tag
  • Comments are important in writing HTML code just so another person finds it easier to read and understand your code

Below is a project on structuring My Curriculum Vitae with HTML