Mogbitse Okitikpi - Lucid
Task 2: It just got interesting!

So I got to play around with html. Got to create headers, use tags, add attributes and suddenly I feel like a geek. I just wonder how much stress I would have saved myself if I had taken steps to learn these concepts earlier. It's exciting to create something and see the product of your creation, however unrefined. I created a digital resume and isn't that awesome. I know given some time to play around with this thing and using more tools I'll create even better pages and cooler stuff. Hopefully this weekend I'll go deeper into html, CSS and the other cool stuff. As I expected, it was never gonna be an easy journey and it hasn't left me disappointed. Cheers to the weekend!

Start Journey so Far!

What I have learned so far: I have been able to create an account on GitHub (and my first repo), a pivotal account, cloudinary account, written a blog and several lucid posts. About Lucid, the registration process was simple enough but left a lot to be desired in terms of security (no verification), only one sign up option is available, and many functionalities like video are yet to go live...

About bold positivity

Why shall I shy? Cos shy ain't me!