Motunrayo Da-costa - Lucid

As we all know, some of us here are new to slack, the internship and programming at large. The purpose of this post is to address some of the issues we have faced or might be facing during this pre-internship with reference to communication with mentors and fellow interns too. #### **Asking good questions.** No question is actually a good or bad question in itself. What makes it good or bad is the intention behind it. I will stick strictly to the internship related questions. **A.** What you should ask yourself when asking questions here (on the channels): 1\. Has it been asked before? How to make sure of this is to read through the important channels like #announcement and #general. Also check the pinned posts of any channel you are in. 2\. Do I necessarily need to ask "someone"? One thing you should note here is that @Mark or @Xyluz are not google. The facilitators aren't google either. Neither are your fellow interns too. 3\. Have you googled it? (Google is your **"friend"**) **B.** When you want to ask a facilitator a question: 1\. Be sure you have done A above. 2\. Gather your thoughts, be polite and brief about it and don't forget to actually **ASK** the question. 3\. Be patient enough to get a response (Patience is virtue) and if you don't get a response, feel free to ask another facilitator/mentor not **"vent/rant"** at the person. #### **Using Google.** **C.** Ask google for anything and everything. The key to getting the right answers is the use of keywords because it's those keywords it uses to produce results. So, for example, don't go to google and search for `what can i eat this night`, instead search for `proper dinner meals` Don't type `Where can I enjoy myself for christmas` instead `Where are the fun places to be during christmas.` `What can I use to build website` instead `What tools/skills do I need to build a website.` `How can i be able to use slack` instead `How to use slack` Be sure to always **MENTION THE KEYWORDS.** **You can always slack me @Motun if you need further clarifications or ask your questions here and be sure to get a response as soon as I can.** **All the best!!!**