Nnamdi Obiesie - Lucid
What i learned today

_ Class today was interesting and informative._ I say interesting not in the literal meaning of the word, but because today's class sparked a realization in me about the importance of gaining domain knowledge about a subject matter.  I'm not new to Html and Css. Infact, i want to believe i'm quite adept at tweaking any html template to give me my desired result. But in this short class, i discovered that i didn't truly understand the reason behind why certain elements and attributes performed the way they did. Basically, i knew the "how", but not the "why".  So, for that fact alone, It was certainly informative. Kudos to the instructors. I must admit, this is one of my favorite pastimes, perhaps because i'm occasionally lazy(eye roll)LOL. It's just a terrible practice that i need checked. Usually happens when i'm in a haste to edit a document, i neglect the  external sheet and just get my results; Today's class was certainly a reminder to check that habit. ### **What i wish to learn** Everything. Jk I know quite a bit of PHP, but my greatest inadequacy has been not being able to learn javascript and Jquery. So i certainly hope we can delve into that as the class progresses. Also, learning reactJS and NodeJs would be amazing. ### **What can be improved.** This is my first time trying out this remote class, so i'm a bit tentative about offering suggestions on what can be improved upon. Honestly, i'm just thrilled about the opportunity to be a part of this. But perhaps, as classes progress, i can offer suggestions.