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Remarkable Progress with HTML5 in just 4 Days of HNG 6.0 Pre-Internship.

This is amazing! Okay, I'm sitting here typing away while thinking to myself, "is this me?" I find it hard to believe that as a beginner in coding, the CV web-page attached to this post was produced by yours truly using only Visual Studio Code, and without CSS! I followed through the HTML5 class and consulted some of the powerful resources shared by the Mentor @SkylarNG89, I believe one of the best classes to date...

HNG Pre-Internship 6.0 - Gideon's Learning Timeline

Its been an exciting time with my amiable yet firm mentors during this 2019 cycle of the HNG Pre-Internship! Classes commenced officially yesterday, 18th August, 2019, but I am already brimming with new knowledge and ideas about web development programming and the intricacies of the World Wide Web...

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Highway to Coding PhD @ HNG Internships.

Hey, I'm in this with y'all and I ain't quitting.

CSS brightens HTML - How?

Its easy to spot the truth of this subject! Take a look at the two pages attached to this post; almost identical in content but very different in presentation. The secret is CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), a collection of formatting rules that helps website developers control the appearance and display of the website they are working on...