The Art Of Learning Something New

Published on Sep 20th, 2019 09:25 PM

Somemay argue that learning new skills like graphics design, software development -in various languages, photography, parametric design and modelling are skill acquisition processes and even further to debunk the use of terms such as Art within the contexts of skill. Could that be correct? Could it be a question of semantics?

At an early age of 11 did I first encounter the word "semantics" it had a techy ring to it at the time. Something like syntax, or sync. My dictionary was never far away so I looked it up; -the historical and psychological study and the classification of changes in the signification of words or forms viewed as factors in linguistic development- Merriam Webster Dictionary. Rather verbose but I quickly understood with the help of my mother that words could have different meanings depending on how or the manner in which they were used.

Going through art school much later, I have worked with different media to create either a new design or something ethereally artistic on my assignments. The later leaves the viewer to draw his own meaning from the work while the former infinitely is illustrated to guide the eyes and mind of the observer to a specific end -be it a message or concept. While differences between both are distinct similarities abound. Both processes start with and idea budding in the mind of the creator to which he needs to reproduce through the strength of this inspiration of by focusing his mental and sensory capacities towards an accurate representation of his intent. Time, energy, commitment to completion and often times, passion and creativity are expended at this. Through experience, I admit to the evolutionary consequencies locked in latent abilities.

Once I felt committed to a series of paintings around the ideas of love and balance, these later exhibited before a wide audience. They took weeks to complete and I bolstered my energy through it all in excitement. Gradually discovering faster ways of preserving my brushes across the different regions of the paint work, applying a theme across several canvases amongst other things all to ensure my creative impulses where centred toward the less mundane part of getting the work out. I improved certain abilities and skills rather artfully on top of which I harmoniously flowed into new skills as though on a self discovery path that presented other potentials apparently tucked away in promise. These paintings offered me a rewarding learning experience the curve of which has formed a repository I always draw on to maintain confidence in any new situation.

Is learning something new really then an Art or it just is skill acquisition? Perhaps the answer to that semantically lies in between the lines open for you the reader to arrive at.

Thank you for reading my thougths as I flow into learning software development.

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