....how It All Starts....

Published on Sep 9th, 2019 11:20 AM

Start.ng Pre-Internship

My journey so far has been somewhat annoying. lol do not get me wrong the program has been awesome and enlightening so far, plus we have got some hilarious facilitators and others who will probably send you to the "Underworld". hehehehe

I hear you asking "So how is it annoying??? yen yen yen" lol calm down I will answer.

So one of the criteria for success in this program is networking (apparently for one reason or the other we have to talk with ourselves. lol "who does that"). I mean I'd rather just be a "ghost" come in, do my task, disappear like I was never here. But now I have to converse with a lot of colleagues readily available to help and also I get to help other people too. 'Tch' so annoying. It is so annoying that I am not leaving the Internship anytime soon, I will see this through to the end and annoy as much people as I can too. 

Networking indeed. Well that is one thing I have learnt in my few days here, of course I look forward to honing my technical skills(maximally), I also look forward to "Networking". I do not have much to say in the area of improvement to the program, I am still observing the Journey. 

So if you wanna get annoyed too (lol), well signup as soon as you get the chance.

Peace Out Y'all.