Pius Alenkhe - Lucid
Lessons learnt so far after task 2 delivery

I am new to writing code but for the last 18 hours i have discovered a resourcefulness i did not know i had, I got a lot of help from fellow interns and mentors alike and lest i forget youtube.. I am up at past 12 am i have got work on saturday but all i want to do is finish this task successfully and so happy i have...

Task 1 thoughts (new)

What I learned so far: I am not alone in this my journey I will get a lot of help. what I wish to learn: back end stuff (python) what i wish to improve: My patience

Task 1 thoughts

What have I learned so far: I learned that I am not alone as they are a lot with no clue about this tech tools, program, softwares so they are a lot of experts who selflessly try to try to educate and put people like me through...

How to make it

You make it by never giving up


Css virtually breathes life in to html. Here are a few reasons it makes html better. It makes it more compatible with multiple screens & devices. It makes your pages load faster...