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Technology Flutterwave: connecting every African to the global economy through secure digital payment technology

Flutterwave provides easier, seamless and secure payment solutions to banks, businesses and their customers. Flutterwave is licensed by Visa and Mastercard, and PCI-DSS Level 1 Certified. ![](/storage/2500/images/img-iyl2ndu4rv.jpeg) Flutterwave provides easier, seamless and secure payment solutions to banks, businesses and their customers. Flutterwave is licensed by Visa and Mastercard, and PCI-DSS Level 1 Certified. --- Why Flutterwave? ---------------- [Why do you need a payment gateway as a business]( Remember when you want to make or receive payments abroad but don’t know how to go about it? Have you ever got stuck on where to make secured payments not to fall into “fraudsters trap”? Don’t worry anymore as Flutterwave has got you covered. Herein below are some of the reasons why you need Flutterwave:   • Secure and reliable transaction processing • Convenient for customers in Nigeria and abroad • Easy account reconciliation and generation of report • [Multiple-currency payments]( and multiple payment methods • Payments collected from different avenues appear in one dashboard • Convenient execution process for customer dispute resolution/refunds  • Full merchant protection, by tools and humans, from misuse and fraud attempts  • [Instant settlement]( assures no delay in money availability once customer made payment --- Products -------- 1. [Rave]( is an easiest way to make and accept payments securely and reliably from customers anywhere in the world. It accepts all payment methods: in real life, in your app/website or on your social media. It also allows merchants to have full control and gives complete payment journey optimization capability from accepting payments to settling funds. 2. [Barter]( is an app that helps you manage your finances which will make you focus on enjoying your life and worry less on how to spend. It enables instant transfer of money to friends near you, allows you to fully control your spending, gives you detailed reports of your spending pattern and insights. Also, you can acquire easily repayable short-term loans and get [tips for managing your finances]( via Barter. --- Achievements ------------ In the 1st 9 weeks, Flutterwave witnessed over 20 thousand transactions with almost 100% success rate (with 99.6% in 1st week). Other achievements recorded include, not limited to, the following: ![](/storage/2500/images/img-haeuksaa40.png) * [Partnership with Alipay]( ([Alipay]( this partnership gives Flutterwave merchants access to over 1 billion potential customers. * Partnership with Afropolitan Group ([Afropolitan Group]( are you a fan of lifestyle and entertainment, everybody is! With this partnership, Flutterwave will exclusively process your payments from anywhere in the world for Afropolitans’ events (like Detty Rave, Afro Nation, Afrochella) thereby bridging the gap between Africa and the diaspora in lifestyle and entertainment. * Partnership with PayAttitude ([PayAttitude]( you don’t have a bank account? Don’t worry as this partnership now enables you to make successful payments using only your phone number. ![](/storage/2500/images/img-16l2n0agj9.png) * [Partnership with Metro Africa Express]( ([MAX]( MAX is an on-demand delivery service in Nigeria that’s trying to bridge the gap of Africa’s logistics industry by making motor-taxis accessible, safe and affordable. MAX partnered with Flutterwave to improve their security by reducing the number of cash payments carried by their drivers. **Pros** * Everyone can accept payments from anywhere in the world * Users don’t need much know-how (education) to complete transactions * Customers can be [paid with just a phone number]( as not everyone has a bank account * You can [Pay with Bank Transfer]( (almost 100% success rate has been recorded in the 1st 9 weeks) **Cons** * There is difficulty in processing payments on goods bought from outside Africa. Flutterwave tries to solves this by providing easy-to-use platform for processing payments anytime, anywhere * Pricing is not affordable but with flutterwave, the pricing is affordable to everybody. As an individual or business owner, you can join the [flutterwave's ]( revolution in the seamless and secure payment solution technology in Africa by signing up [here]( You can also contact flutterwave at 1323 Columbus Avenue San Francisco, CA 94133 or 8 Providence Street Lekki Phase 1 Lagos, NG (+23412809030).

Task 1 of HNG 6.0 #digitalmarketing Process

Immediately I saw the task, I started by Google searching on how to know the keywords that a website ranks for. While Google searching, I came across this https://moz...

Technology How to Get the Best Out of the HNG Internship 6.0 PART IV

Today 10th September, 2019 while going through the slack channel announcements, I came across very important pieces of advice that I would like to share with fellow interns. Kindly read below. According to Seyi Onifade, here are the important things you should know about the HNG Internship 6.0, here are the takeaways: \- the tasks you will be tested will be focused on identifying your talent through coding and problem solving skills, communication and interaction \- be hardworking as there are no shortcuts to success \- try to put yourself between humility and arrogance \- have fun while seriously doing your work \- join the track you're interested in. I am finally wishing you all the best as you embark on this life changing experience.

How to Get the Best Out of the HNG Internship 6.0 PART II

These pieces of advice and others you might come across in external sources will assist you immensely in deriving the most out of HNG Internship 6.0 and beyond. Herein below are some of them so far...

Technology How to Get the Best Out of the HNG Internship 6.0 PART III

Congratulations on reading the PART II of this series, kindly find the continuation of the pieces of advice we have started discussing below: \- finish and submit your tasks on time. For example, creating github, figma,, updating profile on all aforementioned accounts created and on slack, design a homepage using figma, \- post when necessary \- assist others where applicable \- read a lot and keep an open-mind \- PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE Kindly share the pieces of advice you think might assist us in successfully completing the HNG INTERNSHIP 6.0