The Quest To Becoming World Class Software Developer

Published on Aug 28th, 2019 11:52 PM

A few weeks ago I got an acceptance mail to join the StartNG Pre-Internship Program. God knows I was really excited.

On the 14th of August 2019, I started the program with the aim of becoming a world-class Software developer. It was weird at first having to filter the important messages from over thousands of messages, thanks to our supportive mentors and amazing friends.


I have learn how to set up my coding environment, get familiar with Git, Github ( Made a pull request, commit, push ), Slack, Created accounts in Cloudinary and Pivotal Tracker.

I have also learn about HTML, CSS, How To Ask Questions, but i am going to summarize on HTML.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the most basic building block of the Web. It defines the meaning and structure of web content.

"Hypertext" refers to links that connect web pages to one another, either within a single website or between websites. Links are a fundamental aspect of the Web.

HTML uses "markup" to annotate text, images, and other content for display in a Web browser. HTML markup includes special "elements" such as <head>, <title>, <body>, <header>, <footer>, <article>, <section>, <p>, <div>, <span>, <img>, <aside>, <audio>, <canvas>, <datalist>, <details>, <embed>, <nav>, <output>, <progress>, <video>, <ul>, <ol>, <li> and many others.

An HTML element is set off from other text in a document by "tags", which consist of the element name surrounded by "<" and ">" and when open a tag, you must close it, example <title> </title>

Here is what i was able to do with HTML

Thank You For Reading