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Secure and Seamless Online Payment with Flutterwave

Thinking of a seamless, secure and user-friendly online gateway; think flutterwave.com Flutterwave is a payment gateway/technology company, focussed on helping banks and businesses provide seamless and secure payment experience for their customers...

HNG Digital Marketing Task 1 process.

In completing my 1st task on the digital marketing track of the HNG 6 internship, I used MOZ SEO tools to search for the current Keywords on the flutterwave website. I searched on 'wordstream.com' and 'Moz.com' for keywords that rank high and suggested for use on the flutterwave website to increase it's ranking. After going through the flutterwave website, I concluded my task suggesting ways the website can be optimized aside keywords Optimization.

I have started Coding!

Yay!!! I am elated, it's the wrap up of Start.ng internship week 1 and I have started coding! In my last post, I mentioned that we will be introduced to learning a programming language, in that class we were given a task to create a HTML page and update it with the content of our CV using HTML; well look at what my CV webpage looks like:

My StartNG Experience so far

StartNG is a pre internship program by HNG for complete beginners in the programming World, I had the opportunity to be part of it and my learning experience so far has been intriguing. One of the first thing I learnt was how to let the world get into my world with about...

Ist post on Lucid . super excited

Hello pre-interns I think this can also serve as a platform to create a blogpost for the timbu.com backlink digital marketing task !!!