Money Stops Nonsense

Published on May 1st, 2020 03:34 AM

People tend to relate with you based on how they see you, i have a pretty simple stature, slim, average male height, normal build... there is absolutely nothing intimidating about my status.. which makes it easy for people to address me as a small person (far younger person, i'm 30+). There was an encounter I had at a party, i engaged a fellow during the event and we got to talking about family, I mentioned my wife (in a sentence), he was perplexed, after a few seconds of processing he asked "Are you married?" then immediately followed by "You are married!?" (more like question / exclamation). I smiled and said "Yes, I am".

This is not new, and since my stature has always been this way, I've gotten used to it. However, recently, things changed. I realized that people do not address you based on your status or your looks, they address you based on their perception of who you are and this is greatly influence by what they see.

(I'll write more about this later) ... to be continued.