Office Politics: An Example, This Is Not A Tutorial. Just A Rant.

Published on May 5th, 2020 04:20 PM

I commended myself a few minutes ago "good job! You have gotten so much better".

When I joined my current company as a full time staff (currently just a contract / remote staff), they gave me accommodation plus other things, I was grateful, because it was a few weeks after my HNG Internship. And I was not so high up there in terms of technical skills. I was able to do the job well, to a point I got close to my Arab Manager, who occasionally likes taking me out for dinner when I do something "impressive" (or so I thought). My failure in the company is not due to my professional or technical skills, it was due to my inability and inexperience at playing office politics.

A clear example, and when it became even more obvious to me, we had a studio work to do somewhere in Lekki, I was to supervise the software and make sure everything goes well. Which, was not a big deal, I got there early, ran my checks and just wait till the end of the program. I was then surprised when my colleagues thought I was sent by my manager to spy on them. Apparently, my manager has been using me to find out the gory things that go on behind him in the company. My innocent "JJC" (Johny-just-come) head would just keep talking without filter.

Apparently, my colleagues saw me as a snitch (or a rat)... I had to make amends, and start re-shaping how they see me. Of course, you have to sorta play both sides and tell on the other party so that they would see that you are with them, however, you'll also not do to much, so the other party doesn't notice you are playing for both teams.

Office politics is something every one who works in any organization would need to master.

I don't have much details to give on how to master it, so, this article is not about teaching anyone anything... It's just a rant...

I just concluded a meeting, that made me compare my current ability at playing office politics and my past. And that made me pat myself in the back.